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Sirius Channel Guide

The Joys of Satellite Radio
See the Sirius Satellite Radio stations channel guide. Find Sirius Satellite Radio news.

(Compare to the XM Radio Channels).

The listing of Sirius Radio channels is Amazing. Here's the lineup.

Ch 1 Sirius Hits 1 Top 40
Ch 2 StarLite Adult Contemporary
Ch 3 Sirius Love All Love Songs
Ch 4 Movin' Easy Easy Listening
Ch 5 Sirius Gold Hits from the '50s
Ch 6 60s Vibrations Hits from the '60s
Ch 7 Totally '70s Hits from the '70s
Ch 8 Big '80s Hits from the '80s
Ch 9 The Pulse Hits from the '90s and today
Ch 10 The Bridge Soft Rock
Ch 11 BBC Radio 1 New Music from the United Kingdom
Ch 12 Super Shuffle Adult Hits
Ch 13 Elvis Radio Elvis Music
Ch 14 Classic Vinyl Classic rock from the '60s and '70s
Ch 15 Classic Rewind Classic rock from the '70s and '80s
Ch 16 The Vault Deep Classic Rock
Ch 17 Jam On Jam Bands
Ch 18 The Spectrum Adult Album Alternative
Ch 19 Buzzsaw Hard Classic Rock
Ch 20 Octane Hard Modern Rock
Ch 21 Alt Nation Alternative Rock
Ch 22 First Wave 70s & '80s Alternative Rock
Ch 23 Hair Nation Hair Metal
Ch 24 Sirius Disorder Eclectic/Freeform
Ch 25 Underground Garage Garage rock and related styles
Ch 26 Left of Center Indie Rock
Ch 27 Hard Attack Heavy Metal
Ch 28 Faction Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, and Heavy Metal
Ch 30 The Coffee House Acoustic Rock
Ch 31 Radio Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett Concerts (and music appealing to Parrotheads)
Ch 32 Reggae Rhythms Reggae
Ch 33 Area 33 Trance and Progressive House
Ch 34 Boombox Breakbeats
Ch 35 Chill Electronica
Ch 36 The Beat Dance and Dance Remixes
Ch 37 The Strobe Disco and Classic Dance
Ch 40 Hip-Hop Nation Modern Hip-Hop
Ch 43 BackSpin Old School Hip-Hop
Ch 45 Shade 45 Progressive Hip-Hop
Ch 50 Hot Jamz Hip-Hop and R&B
Ch 51 Heart & Soul R&B
Ch 53 Soul Town Classic Soul
Ch 60 New Country Modern Country Music
Ch 61 Prime Country Country from the '80s and '90s
Ch 62 The Roadhouse Classic Country
Ch 63 Outlaw Country The "renegades, rebels and rogues" of country
Ch 65 Bluegrass Bluegrass
Ch 66 Spirit Contemporary Christian
Ch 67 Revolution Christian Rock
Ch 68 Praise Gospel
Ch 70 Planet Jazz Modern Jazz
Ch 71 Jazz Café Smooth Jazz
Ch 72 Pure Jazz Traditional Jazz
Ch 73 Spa 73 New Age
Ch 74 Sirius Blues Blues
Ch 75 Standard Time Standards and Swing
Ch 77 Broadway's Best Showtunes
Ch 80 Symphony Hall Classical
Ch 85 Classical Voices Opera
Ch 86 Sirius POPS Popular Classical Works
Ch 90 Universo Latino Spanish Pop
Ch 91 Mexicana Regional Mexican
Ch 92 Rumbon Caribbean Music and Hurban
Ch 93 Bandeapart French Indie Music
Ch 94 CBC Radio Three Canadian Indie Music
Ch 95 Iceberg Radio Canadian Adult Alternative
Ch 98 The Globe World Music
Ch 100 Howard 100 Howard Stern’s channel.
Ch 101 Howard 101 Howard Stern’s channel II.
Ch 103 Blue Collar Comedy
Ch 104 Raw Dog Stand-up Comedy and other Comedy Shows
Ch 105 Laugh Break Comedy
Ch 106 Sirius OutQ Gay/Lesbian Entertainment
Ch 107 E! Entertainment Radio Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip
Ch 108 Maxim Radio Hot talk
Ch 110 Court TV Plus Live Trial Proceedings
Ch 111 Cosmopolitan Radio
Women Talk Radio
Ch 112 Martha Stewart Living Radio Martha Stewart Programming
Ch 113 Cosmopolitan Radio Women's Talk
Ch 114 Lime Environment Programming
Ch 115 Radio Disney Children's
Ch 116 Kids Stuff Children's
Ch 117 Sirius Advice Experts Talk
Ch 118 RadioClassics Old Time Radio
Ch 119 Discovery Channel Radio Discovery Channel Programming
Ch 120 ESPN Radio Sports Talk
Ch 121 ESPNEWS Sports News (ESPN News Simulcast)
Ch 122 Sports Byline USA Sports Talk
Ch 123 Sirius Sports Action Sports
Ch 124 Sirius NFL Radio Sports Talk
Ch 125 Sports Play-by-Play 1 Sports
Ch 126 Sports Play-by-Play 2 Sports
Ch 127 Sports Play-by-Play 3 Sports
Ch 130 CNBC Financial News (CNBC Simulcast)
Ch 131 Fox News Channel Fox News Simulcast
Ch 132 CNN News (CNN Simulcast)
Ch 133 CNN Headline News News (CNN Headline Simulcast)
Ch 134 NPR Now NPR programs arranged specifically for Sirius
Ch 135 NPR Talk National Public Radio
Ch 136 PRI Global Issues
Ch 137 CBC Radio One Canadian news and information
Ch 138 Première Plus Canadian news and information (in French)
Ch 139 C-SPAN Radio U.S. Government Hearings and Public Affairs
Ch 140 World Radio Network World News
Ch 141 BBC World Service News World News
Ch 143 ABC News & Talk News/Talk
Ch 144 Sirius Patriot Conservative Talk
Ch 145 Fox News Talk News/Talk
Ch 146 Sirius Left Liberal Talk
Ch 147 Sirius Trucking Network Truckers Talk and Entertainment
Ch 148 New York Traffic and weather from New York City
Ch 149 Boston/Philadelphia Traffic and weather from Boston and Philadelphia
Ch 150 Los Angeles Traffic and weather from Los Angeles
Ch 151 Chicago/St. Louis Traffic and weather from Chicago and St. Louis
Ch 152 Baltimore/Washington DC Traffic and weather from Baltimore and Washington DC
Ch 153 Atlanta/Miami Traffic and weather from Atlanta and Miami
Ch 154 Dallas-Ft. Worth/Houston Traffic and weather from Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston
Ch 155 Detroit/Pittsburgh Traffic and weather from Detroit and Pittsburgh
Ch 156 San Francisco/Seattle Traffic and weather from San Francisco and Seattle
Ch 157 San Diego/Phoenix Traffic and weather from San Diego and Phoenix
Ch 158 Orlando/Tampa-St. Petersburg Traffic and weather from Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburg
Ch 159 Christian Talk Christian Talk
Ch 160 EWTN Global Catholic Network Catholic Programming
Ch 180 Radio Catolica Mundial Catholic programming (in Spanish)
Ch 181 ESPN Deportes Sports (Spanish)
Ch 182 BBC Mundo BBC (in Spanish)
Ch 183 Radio Korea Programming from Korea
Ch 184 Sirius Weather and Emergency Emergency Information
Ch 186
Canada Only
Hardcore Sports Radio Sports Talk
Ch 187
Canada Only
Infoplus News (in French)
Ch 188
Canada Only
RCI + Multilingual Talk
Ch 192
Canada Only
Rock Velours Soft Rock
Ch 193
Canada Only
Énergie2 Global Chart Hits
Coming Soon Radio China Programming from China
Coming Soon CNN en Español News (in Spanish)
Coming Soon Ch 198 Playboy Radio Adult Entertainment

Compare to the XM Radio Channels.


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