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Sirius Satellite Radio Review

Previously known as CD Radio, it changed its name to Sirius Satellite Radio in 1999 because they thought they needed a stronger, clearer brand name, noting there was potential for consumer confusion between their product and radios that also play CDs. Then in early 2000 their NASDAQ ticker changed from "CDRD" to "SIRI".

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Read a Sirius digital radio review with the Sirius Satellite Radio company history and Sirius Satellite Radio news. We have Sirius Satellite Radio equipment like Sirius portable satellite radios, Sirius satellite car radios, Sirius satellite home radios and Sirius Radio tuners.

Each month your Sirius Radio subscription brings you nearly one million songs over 65 channels with no commercial interruption. You also get 55 news, sports, talk and entertainment with an additional 20 traffic and weather channels, specific to local areas - well over 130 channels in all. SIRUS Radio now has the Sirius Emergency System on its weather channel bringing updated alerts and information about disasters, evacuation routes, shelters, the word from first responders and recovery planning. They will also broadcast Amber Alerts.

The Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. headquarters and studios are located at Rockefeller Center, N.Y., right in the middle of world’s entertainment capital. From the heart of New York City, Sirius uplinks to three communications satellites that travel inclined elliptical orbits for complete coverage across the continental United States.

With their three radio satellites, SIRUS Radio is able to have them orbit the earth over the U.S. approximately 100 degrees apart and employ a "hand-off" method, meaning that only two of the three satellites are active at any given time. Sirius is only allocated two different frequencies. One of the satellites uses frequency A while the other uses frequency B. As each satellite leaves the footprint of the continental U.S., they deactivate and hand-off their signal to another satellite which has just re-activated and is entering the footprint of the continental U.S. Each of the three satellites spends approximately 16 hours over the United States, with at least one satellite over the U.S. at any given time. Their inclined orbit also means that many areas of Canada and Mexico are covered by its satellite footprints. Sirius also has a forth redundant satellite on the ground ready to be launched in case one of its three primary satellites should fail.

SIRUS Satellite Radio has exclusive satellite radio broadcasting rights to all NFL, NBA and NHL games. They also have Jimmy Buffet’s Radio Margaritaville and will have full NASCAR coverage beginning in 2007. In June of 2005, Sirius signed an agreement with BBC Radio in the United Kingdom to rebroadcast The Chris Moyles Show and other British shows to an American audience.

The dog in the Sirius logo is unofficially named "Mongo". The name resulted from the debut of Sirius Satellite Radio’s sponsorship on Casey Atwood’s (and later Jimmy Spencer’s) NASCAR entry. Jimmy said "… on the hood of my No. 7 Sirius Winston Cup car is my sponsor's logo, which is a big dog. Darrell Waltrip and the guys at Fox love that dog so much that they named my car, Mongo…"

Boats in Drydock
Sirius Program Guide

Snowbird Policy for Boat Owners

Sirius Radio has a great deal for boat owners. With reception reaching up to 200 miles out to sea, boat owners can take advantage of Sirius' Snowbird policy. At the end of the season when you dock your boat for the winter, you can call Sirius Customer Service and deactivate your service. Reactivate your subscription within 6 months, and Sirius will not charge the standard $15 reactivation charge.

Satellite Radio on Your Cell Phone

On June 26, 2005, it was announced that Sprint partnered with Sirius Satellite Radio to offer cell phone users streamed digital music. Sirius will distribute its music content nationwide over Sprint's cellular network, rather than as a satellite feed, said Jim Collins, a Sirius radio spokesman. With the service to be offered sometime in 2006, Sprint is currently evaluating which music formats it will carry and what the service will cost its PCS Vision customers.

Asian Programming

Sirius Satellite Radio has plans to launch Asian programming. They will begin with a Korean station called Radio Korea USA. After that they will branch out to Chinese.

Pause/Play Live Broadcasts

Sirius is adding a time-shifting feature to its popular Sportster mobile satellite radio receiver. Users can now pause live broadcasts for time-shifting or review by pressing the Play/Pause button. The receiver can record approximately 44 minute of content, depending on the channel.


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